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About Us

Society of the Arts is an overall safe haven for creatives. Our headquarters is currently based out of Rockland County, NY. We curate art showcases, facilitate community events, provide various services and cater to the needs of the community. SOTA has established several permanent departments within a team of directors to manage business, education, community, and membership. We offer employment opportunities and house an internship program. Members of our organization have access to our HQ on a monthly schedule. We also discounted entry to social events, access to exclusive services, workshops and programs. Each member is expected to adhere to our respect clause. Creatives have the opportunity to add to the SOTA network and develop their own community via being a participant in the collective. SOTA is famous for collaborating with local organizations and providing a wide range of services. Society of the Arts is also a multimedia production firm. We are a self-proclaimed hub for multimedia, digital marketing, videography, photography, performing arts and much more. Our team has the expertise and resources to add value to small- and large-scale production. Together we form the Society Of The Arts collective, providing artists with the resources necessary to mold craft into a source of revenue.

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