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Society Of The Arts
Reinventing Artistic Expression 

We Are a Creative
Production Company

Welcome to the Society Of The Arts, your go-to production company for a wide range of services. From corporate events and weddings to high-budget film productions, we seamlessly bring your vision to life. Offering flexible day rates for projects of all sizes, our experienced team is ready to travel to capture your moments. Trust us to scale up your projects with dedicated shooters tailored to your needs.

Elevate your content with the Society Of The Arts.


Embark on a seamless journey to visual brilliance with our tailored consultation services at SOTA. Whether you're navigating the intricate landscape of small-scale and corporate events, capturing the timeless essence of weddings, or orchestrating grandeur in large-scale productions, our seasoned experts are here to guide you at every step. For small-scale and corporate events, we offer strategic insights to optimize your media coverage. Delve into the world of wedding photography and videography as we assist you in crafting enchanting narratives and immortalizing the most cherished moments of your special day. And for large-scale productions, our consultation services extend to comprehensive planning. Elevate your media and production ventures to new heights with SOTA where expertise meets innovation for unforgettable visual storytelling.


Pre-production & consultation play pivotal roles in crafting a comprehensive deck or itinerary for a project. Through strategic collaboration, experts analyze the project's goals, target audience, and messaging needs. We meticulously structure the deck, ensuring a seamless flow of information that captivates stakeholders. High-end equipment and professionals in the field will elevate all your production needs. From outlining key milestones to detailing production schedules, the itinerary becomes a roadmap for successful project execution. Effective communication strategies, media selection, and production techniques are interwoven to create a compelling narrative that resonates with the intended audience, ultimately enhancing the project's impact and success. 


At SOTA, we are your dedicated partners in capturing life's most significant moments with unparalleled artistry and precision. Specializing in photography and videography, we bring a wealth of experience to weddings, small-scale events, corporate gatherings, and large-scale film productions. From the intimate details of a couple's exchange of vows to the grandeur of corporate events and the cinematic magic of large-scale film productions, our skilled team is adept at weaving visual narratives that resonate. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we infuse creativity and technical expertise into every project, ensuring each frame tells a story that lasts a lifetime. Trust SOTA to transform your moments into timeless memories, providing you with a visual legacy that captures the essence of every occasion, big or small.


Our post-production process is where the magic truly happens, transforming raw footage into polished masterpieces. From agreed-upon deliverables to advanced coloring, sound design, and comprehensive post-production activities, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your vision comes to life with cinematic brilliance. Our skilled team employs cutting-edge editing techniques to refine and enhance every frame, creating a seamless and captivating final product. Whether you're a filmmaker seeking the perfect cut for your feature film or a couple reliving the magic of their wedding day through meticulously edited footage, our commitment to excellence shines through in every project. Trust SOTA for a post-production experience that elevates your content to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

What We Do

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Meet the Team

Ali Ben-Dan
Director of Photography
Brandon Williams
Solomon Guy
Domonique Ward
Creative director
Manuel Pierdra Jr.

Our Clients

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