Society Of The Arts is an educational artist collaborative that shows individuals how to transform their creativity into a source of income. We utilize our multi-purpose 3,000 square foot headquarters to curate art showcases, facilitate community events, create workshops for the youth and be an overall home for the eclectic creative individuals in the Rockland Community.














As an organization catering to the community, we would love to move forward in meeting our goals. We are asking the community for help in achieving this mission. S.O.T.A serves as an educational program; We are actively seeking patronage to maintain a thriving work environment suitable for the growth of future professionals. With your help and support , we will transition the internship program into an active non-for-profit organization. Thereby giving us the opportunity to upgrade our work space, gain access to the grants & tools necessary for our various fields of study and  house qualifying interns for each respected college semester. 


















In past months alone, we have put together open mic nights, game nights, a large-scale fashion show, a coat drive countless other community outings. We have also partnered with various non for profit organizations and graduated a total of 7 interns through our program. The S.O.T.A program engage the youth, showcase their talents, and present a viable alternative to New York City's nightlife. We want to build up to a point where Society of the Arts is synonymous with similar technical programs in our impact of giving the next generation the skills necessary to make their dreams a reality.














Our space provides a “hub” for every facet of the arts imaginable, from visual art to multimedia production. The Society Of The Arts has curated a group of talented individuals who possess the expertise yet need the resources to bring to fruition all manners of production, small and large scale. You are a part of the community that has so graciously helped us for the past years. We would like to thank you while acknowledging your efforts and continuous support.  

Tank you for you patronage!