SOTA-POP up is a recurring pop-up style expo. ranging from local and visiting vendors to art eclectic art instillations. SOTA has a reputation for its eccentric esthetic and overall vibe. we intend to meet the standard by curating the perfect ingredients. Live painting, good food, raffles, interactive games, visual and performing arts and much more. this will also double as a networking event, as we are positive that like minded people will dwell inside of our 3000 square foot rustic warehouse space. 

The annual SOTA POP-UP focuses on bringing together a collective of strong, influential personalities who, at the core, believe in the power turning creativity into  a source of. A collaboration of possibilities where real success stories are used as a platform of encouragement for the artistic minds, alongside unique shopping and entertainment experiences.

SOTA is a place built to help artists thrive and grow into the best selves they can be. The goal is; curate a festival style artistic movement in which provides the general public with an opportunity to support the arts. 

Society of the Arts ©2018

55 West Railroad Avenue, Garner Arts District, Building 4